GWT-VL (Validation library and framework for GWT)

Who uses GWT-VL?

If you developed an application that uses GWT-VL I would appreciate it if you shared a little of your experiences in using it.

You can write an email to and describe a little about why you choose GWT-VL in the first place, how you used it and if you were satisfied with the results.

These stories will then be posted to this website as a little reference for other users that are in the process of (pre-)evaluation.

Currently known uses:

  • is a Software as a Service solution focused on team productivity empowerment:
    based on the employees activity reporting, will help the managers and the team members to improve their productivity and to make decisions based on real metrics. is developed using GWT for which its engineers have sought a validation framework since its beginnings. GWT-VL covers many of the features required by PM's , internationalization , client-server integration and flexibility, these promoted GWT-VL amongst other frameworks to be elected by as its main validation framework.